Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies – Hurrah! Another Year. Surely This One Will Be Better Than The Last: The Inexorable March Of Progress Will Lead Us All To Happiness.

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies are not your normal rock band. For starters, the title of their new album takes longer to say that most songs in the charts. However, this is no problem for a band whose new 31 minute and 31 second long album has just four tracks on it.

With influences taken from Mogwai, Slint, The Smiths, King Crimson and Fugazi, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies make music that can be mesmeric, poetic and on …Spooks The Horse, which has had loud static placed over the top of it, almost impossible to listen to.


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Originally from High Wycombe and currently holed up in Oxford, you can expect this band to earn themselves a cult status that will see their name live on well past their years.

Label: Fierce Panda
Release date: 16th August 2004


  • The Pitch And Yaw Of Satellites
  • A Little Late He Staggered Through The Door And Into Her Eyes
  • Recovery Speak
  • …Spooks The Horse

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