Youth Of Britain – The Governor

Youth Of Britain (aka Y.O.B.) are Londoner Fazza (vocals) and producer Dan. Together they are either genre defying artists, cutting musical satirists and dance rock experimentalists or two blokes who have made a novelty record that labours its point with supreme unsubtlety across three tracks and a video.

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I have to say I am rather of the later opinion. They are musically diverse, even intense at times (especially ‘Mad Man’), but nothing that hasn’t been done more effectively by PWEI, Primal Scream and even Curve. Lyrically they present caricatures of British lowlife that are both brash and unsympathetic, while name checking the usual institutions.

Label : Heavy Music

Release Date : 19 July 2004

Website :


  • The Governor
  • Welcome To Britain
  • Mad Man

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