Young Knives – She’s Attracted To (CD Review)

The eccentric and persistent Young Knives return with another charming, blistering, witty, angry, angsty and spiky rock-mod-pop-something… They are hard to pin down. Very hard. They can be perfect guitar pop, as in ‘Two Places’, or eighties influenced indie rock like ‘Current Of The River’, then again they can be hard blues surrealists (see ‘Murder The Otter’) on the other (err, fourth) side they can be snarling punk monsters.

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The last is reserved for the title track ‘She’s Attracted To’ which is a angular and viciously mocking track measured perfectly and delivered with real gusto. The Young Knives should be around for a long time yet (although I hope they don’t leave it as long between albums this time) and will surprise everyone.

Label : Transgressive

Release Date : 19 June 2006

Website :


  • She’s Attracted To
  • Two Places
  • Current Of The River
  • Murder The Otter
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