Yellowcard – Lights & Sounds

I was deeply enamoured with Yellowcard’s last album, Ocean Avenue, until I experienced a moment of clarity one day and it occurred to me that I had been duped by a violin. I think I’d always known I didn’t actually like the music but that violin was so good I didn’t want to admit it. The realisation hit when I accused someone of listening to shit music without realising that they were listening to one of my CDs. Oh the shame.

So anyway, Yellowcard basically play standard US pop “punk”. Admittedly, they are one of the better bands in this field and this new single Lights & Sounds is catchy as hell. Plus, even now I can feel that violin drawing me in – a testament to how talented Sean Mackin is as he barely plays at all on this song.

Yellowcard’s new album, also called Lights & Sounds is out now.

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Label: Parlophone
Release date: 6th March 2006


  1. Lights & Sounds
  2. When We’re Old Men

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