X-Press 2 feat. Kurt Wagner – Give It (CD Review)

They sound like an unlikely combination don’t they. I can assure you that this works, and works very well. ‘Give It’ is a countrified dance number that brings to mind Alabama 3, Buck 65 and, occasionally, Fatboy Slim. The album version, which is a insight into the new X-Press 2 album (which is as yet untitled and due in 2006), has Kurt’s characteristic warm and gravelly monologue style of delivery combined with the instruments you’d associate with country delivered in a dance style and enhanced with beats and tweaks. The result is as catchy as hell.

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The Club mix is, as you expect, heavier on the beats and condenses the vocals down; making it an exceedingly intoxicating tune. The Beatless Mix does exactly what it says on the tin and strips out the beats and leaves you with a track that could have been created by Lambchop (if they had a gospel mood on that day). Switch completely deconstructs the track and gives a glitchy reinterpretation.

The Dab Hands Retouch builds up the piano and guitars with some luxuriant production making for a more theatrical and fuller sound in the mould of eighties dance/soul crossovers. The last of the mixes I have is the Quantic Soul Orchestra Remix that takes Kurt and X-Press 2 and gives them a brilliant reggae makeover.

Label : Skint

Release Date : 26 September 2005

Website : www.xpress2.com


  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Radio Edit) [3:26]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Club Mix) [9:40]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Album Version) [6:57]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Beatless Mix) [6:28]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Switch’s Give It More Remix) [6:40]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Dab Hands Retouch) [7:47]
  • Give It feat Kurt Wagner (Quantic Soul Orchestra Remix) [4:04]

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