Without Gravity – Beautiful Son (CD Review)

Without Gravity are Icelandic, they formed when friends Konni and Kalli were joined by Grimsi and Helgi. Without Gravity have an album, ‘Tenderfoot’, coming out on May 16.

This is nice. I know ‘nice’ is a very nasty thing to say about anything but you cannot escape the fact that Without Gravity are just nice. The strumming is nice and strummy, the drumming is so nice and gentle you forget it is there, the singing is nicely twangy with long notes that don’t waver or crack. It’s nice. It is dinner party music that makes nice sounds in the background to the sparkling conversations you’ll have with your guests.

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You could also say that Without Gravity are a dreary, slightly nasal, overly emotive, clone of any middle of the road singer songwriter you care to think of, and you’d have a point.

Label : One Little Indian

Release Date : 02 May 2005

Website : www.indian.co.uk


  • Beautiful Son
  • While this river flows

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