Wiley – ”Wot Do U Call It?”

The man behind London’s hugely popular Eski Dance raves, Wiley, releases his debut single on XL this week. Having released well over 20 white labels himself, Wiley is already legendary in East London, but with the press all over him, and with strong 1Xtra and Radio 1 support for ‘Wot Do U Call It?’, the Eski Sound should become a lot more familiar.

The single is available on 2 twelve inch vinyl formats, or on CD either from your local record shop, or from the XL site – links to follow. You can also see the video for ‘Wot Do U Call It?’ on the XL site, and on top of this, Wiley has launched his own site this week – check it out below.

You can also get Wiley ringtones and hear exclusive previews of tracks from the Wiley album by following the instructions here (please make sure your phone can accept the tone you want – tru tones are real music tones and only work on the newest phones):

To hear the single and exclusive previews of album tracks:
Text WILEY to 85080 (costs £1.50 – UK only)

To pick up official Wiley ringtones:
Text WILEYMONO to 88600 to get the monophonic tone
Text WILEYPOLY to 88600 to get the polyphonic tone
Text WILEYTRU to 88600 to get the Tru tone

Wiley?s debut album ‘Treddin’ On Thin Ice’ is released April 26th.


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