Wiley – ‘Treddin’ On Thin Ice’

    RELEASE DATE: 26th April 2004
    LABEL: Too Pure
    FORMATS: CDS, 7″, Download

Away from the eyes and ears of the mainstream, there is a scene which is growing stronger by the day. A scene which sits somewhere between ragga, US rap, UK garage & jungle – the new sound of the British inner-city. Dizzee Rascal was the first artist to bring this to the masses but he will be, by no means, the last.

Up step Wiley; the most respected artist and producer on this burgeoning scene. Once a part of the influential Pay As U Go cartel in the late nineties, he went on to form the Roll Deep Crew, who have been spearheading this new sound that has emerged from the ashes of UK Garage. Wiley’s position within the underground peaked with the release of his glacial, string-led track ‘Eskimo’, which, alongside Dizzee’s ‘I Luv U’, kick-started their rise to legendary street-status. Over the last two years, he has released 24 singles and
countless collaborations and remixes, selling approximately 100,000 records in the process (not that the BPI are counting). If this wasn’t enough, Wiley is also behind the hugely popular ‘Eskimo Dance’ raves; the MC-led conventions that are filling the space left behind by London’s current fear of traditional garage nights, with thousands of fans

Wiley’s debut artist album for XL, ‘Treddin’ On Thin Ice’, is released on April 26th. A collection of Wiley anthems and brand new offerings, it captures the distinctive and edgy eski-beat sound that Wiley has been pioneering. It also hints at a wealth of talent out there waiting to come through, as up-and-coming MCs from the scene feature

XL Site / Wiley

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