Why? – Elephant Eyelash (CD Review)

Why? are a curious outfit. Their sound, which comprises folk, rock, hip hop and a general off kilter approach that allows them to successfully disregard genre at will, is extremely hard to get across in words. There are streams of consciousness and ambient interludes akin to Subtle as well as unconventional folk like Bright Eyes. There are complex beats fighting with beautifully flowing raps. Throughout there is a warmth that is genuine and infectious.

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It is easy to see why Why? have fans in the shape of Boards of Canada, Múm, Stereolab, and Mogwai as there is a similar casual rebellion around what can be done musically through all those names. ‘Elephant Eyelash’ is a great album that I can honestly say has been played almost continually since I got it; it has immediacy and depth that is all to rare.

Label : Anticon

Release Date : 17 October 2005

Website : www.anticon.com


  • Crushed Bones
  • Yo Yo Bye Bye
  • Rubber Traits
  • Hoofs
  • Fall Saddles
  • Gemini (Birthday Song)
  • Waterfalls
  • Sanddollars
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Whispers Into The Other
  • Act Five
  • Light Leaves

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