Whirlwind Heat – Reagan (CD Review)

The very lo-fi, bass heavy, old school, pared back sounds of Whirlwind Heat are a breath of fresh air. It isn’t that their sound is completely new or that they blast the listener away with a sonic assault but rather that they have a simplicity that is very refreshing.

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The Reagan Ep has the air of bands like the Dead Milkmen (only lacking the complete self destructive themes that DM had). Their songs are that curious mix of apparent alienation and infectious hummable tunes. Brilliant stuff. Their album ‘Types of Wood’ is due out 24 April 2006.

Label : Brille

Release Date : 10 April 2006

Website : www.whirlwindheat.com


  • Reagan [2:44]
  • Macho Man [2:35]
  • Memory [3:25]
  • I Fucked Up Reagan [1:48]

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