Wax Poetic – Nublu Sessions

Ilhan Erashin has been running a club known as nublu in downtown New York for many years now. The club supports a thriving community of musicians and DJ’s and an offshoot of that is Erashin’s own group Wax Poetic. The Wax Poetic sound is a mellow dub fuelled hybrid of acid jazz. The various vocalists and musicians each leave their distinctive footprint while not distracting from the mood of the album. What seems to be the beats of all nations sit comfortable beside the subtle DJing and soulful singing. It is an album to kick back and relax to, and does the job very well indeed.

Norah Jones was an original member of the group, way back in ’97. She briefly returned to the fold in order to record two of her signature tracks just for this album.

Label : Ultra Records

Release Date : 23 February 2004

Website : www.waxpoetic.net | www.nublu.net


  • Tell Me – feat Norah Jones (Temple Of Soul Mix)
  • Girl
  • Flight In Dub – feat U-Roy
  • Angels – feat Norah Jones
  • Oriental Wind
  • Homme performed by Brazillian Girls (Naked Mix)
  • Sea Grass – feat N’Dea Davenport
  • Time (Jungle) – feat Saul Williams (Temple Of Soul Mix)
  • Della – feat Marla Turner
  • Dreamin
  • Love – feat Marla Turner
  • Life

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