Wagon Christ – Shadows (CD Review)

Wagon Christ’s I’m Sorry I Make You Lush album was released earlier this year and quickly found its way onto my list of favourites for 2004. Its mix of kitch electronica and funky, bassy house was instantly appealing.

Shadows is a perfect example of what makes Wagon Christ great; a vocal that breaks completely away from the norm in dance music and beats that seep into your bones.

Three equally brilliant b-sides and the video for shadows wrap this up into one very desirable CD.

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Label: Ninja Tune
Website: www.ninjatune.net
Release date: 27th September 2004


  1. Shadows
  2. The Groove (Souled Out)
  3. Loose Loggins
  4. Deux Ans De Maïa
  5. Shadows (video)

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