Vinny Miller – Breaking Out Of Your Arms

Vinny is described by his own label as ‘4AD’s chief nutter’. He has also managed to have been signed to them for the best part of five years without actually releasing anything before “Pigpen”, last summer. His latest release has three tracks as diverse as could be. In one single Vinny has included a pained and desperate folk-rock number, a brilliantly intricate and glitchy techno track and a good old-fashioned alternative rock finale.

Vinny Miller is, in all these incarnations, intense and accomplished. The lead track on the single grows on you, delicately building tension with gently strummed guitars and broken falsetto vocals. Then there is ‘Tanglebot’, a very different experience, it starts as if your hi-fi is broken and slowly pulls the blips, beeps, clicks and buzzes together into a melodic and infectious whole. The last of the three tracks is the growling rock of ‘Hastener’, which blends angry blues-rock with a left field attitude akin to the more psychotic songs of Pere Ubu. Vinny pulls all of this off with aplomb, this is simply brilliant.

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Label : 4AD

Release Date : 22 March 2004

Website :


  • Breaking Out Of Your Arms
  • Tanglebot
  • Hastener (demo)

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