Vinny Miller – ‘Breaking Out Of Your Arms’

  • RELEASE DATE: 22nd March 2004
  • LABEL: 4AD
  • FORMATS: CDS, 7″

It’s difficult to know where to start with Vinny Miller. In
certain circles he’s already acquired semi-legendary status –
after all, he managed to spend the best part of five years
signed to 4AD without delivering a note to the label. And
now that his music has finally started to arrive, it’s so
otherworldly, so bountifully strange that most points of
reference are just exercises in futility.

The first of these postcards from unmapped territory was
“Pigpen” – released as a limited edition 7″ in the summer of
2003, Vinny’s debut single was a dense, grindingly rhythmic
explosion, and its stark emotional impact was as as arresting
last summer as Tim Rose’s baying and bellowing on “Morning
Dew” was almost forty years ago. Despite the low-key nature
of the release, it attracted attention in discerning circles
– the song took up permanent residence on Mary Ann Hobbs’s
“Breezeblock” and Vinny recorded a session for the show last
autumn. He also started to play live, appearing with Cass
McCombs (at The Water Rats) and Patrick Wolf (at The Barfly)
amongst others, and proved in the process that his soaring,
scouring vocals are the intuitive product of a unique larynx,
owing nothing to studio trickery.
But “Pigpen” only told half the story, or less – another
piece to the puzzle is provided by “Breaking Out Of Your
Arms”. Vinny’s second single is a heartbreakingly fragile
and disarmingly simple ballad, which features a fractured
falsetto emerging from a haze of tape noise and bringing with
it a gift for genuinely haunting, utterly surreptitious
melodic invention.

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