Various Artists – Delivery Room

Nine years into the life of The Leaf Label comes this compilation, Delivery Room. The CD features 18 tracks of the label’s finest material and costs the price of a CD single.

The music here concentrates on a mix of leftfield electronica and more traditional instruments, bringing back memories of the London Sinfonietta’s recent concert tour performing live versions of tracks by Warp artists. This is just about the most perfect compilation I have ever heard.

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Highlights include the wonderful, building piano piece Maremaillette by A Hawk & A Hacksaw and Icarus’ beautifully strange Gnog, but really the whole thing is a highlight.

Everyone, regardless of how fleeting your interest in leftfield or classical music, should own this compilation.

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Label: The Leaf Label
Release date: 10th May 2004


  • Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead – Pick Up Sticks
  • Murcof – Memoria (Sutekh’s Trisagion mix)
  • Icarus – Essen
  • Manitoba – Crayon
  • A Hawk & A Hacksaw – Maremaillette
  • Asa-Chang & Junray – Parlor
  • Icarus – Gnog
  • Murcof – Una
  • 310 – Exumix
  • Colleen – Ritournelle
  • Rob Ellis – Music For The Home No. 8 – 2/10/02
  • A Hawk & A Hacksaw – A Kernel
  • Riow Arai – Eclipse
  • Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead – A Soldier’s Shoulder
  • Gorodisch – Alexithymia (demo)
  • Rob Ellis – Four Pictures With Debussy – No. 1 60 Francs
  • Clue To Kalo – Ignore The Forest Floor (demo)
  • A Small Good Thing – Owl In A Box
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