US Roughnecks – Twenty Bucks And Two Black Eyes

The US Roughneck’s aim in life is to “bring the toughness back to punk”, which accounts for why so many of the songs on this album are about fighting, getting arrested, skinheads and hating the police. Their manifesto is properly laid out on sings like Roughneck Noise and Short Haired Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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The band are headed by Mike Hennessey, whose mother died of cancer when he was twelve while his father was in prison and his only other relative, his aunt, was unable to look after him on account of being clinically insane. It’s his experience of life that fuels the violent attack the US Roughneck sound makes on your ears. The intimidation they’re trying to give off doesn’t always work (the cry of “Streetfight! Streetfight!” in Summer Of ’96 is just funny) and the album as a whole is a bit samey, though it does have some good riffs.

If you like your punk harsh or you’re a fan of Motorhead then you’ll like this, though you probably wouldn’t want to bump into them on a dark night.

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Label: Hellcat
Release date: 7th June 2004


  • Weekend
  • 5-29
  • Saturday
  • Serve And Protect
  • No Justice
  • Roughneck Noise
  • Summer Of ‘96
  • Midtown Nights
  • Lost Paradise
  • Outcast
  • Sacto’s Alright
  • Short Haired Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Skinhead Blues
  • Dirty River

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