Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Volume I & II

As the name might suggest these are collections of recordings by Liverpool based bands spanning the late seventies to the early nineties. There are household names (Space, The La’s), blasts form the past (The Wild Swans, The Melotones) and the frankly obscure (The Stairs). The credits reflect the wonderfully incestuous nature of any regional scene. In fact while listening to this with friends we created a game of Six Degrees of Ian Brodie – In fact anyone involved with The Teardrop Explodes also works. This is clearly helped hugely by the extensive sleave notes which tell you the who, what, where and why’s for every track – allowing you to track back to The Melotones from Nirvana for instance.

There are some wonderful tracks here ranging from the Frank Zappa-esque ‘Skin Up For Me Baby’, to the bluesy ‘Don’t Lock Me Out’ and the almost Madchester sounding ‘Melting Blue Delicious’. There are rarities from The Teardrop Explodes, The La’s amongst others, which do not disappoint as many rare tracks can. As a showcase for the talent of the Liverpool scene through twenty of the last thirty years these CDs are superb.
Tracklisting Vol I – Buy Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Vol. 1

  • The Wild Swans – Melting Blue delicious
  • The Chuddy Nuddles – Do The Chud
  • The Stairs – Skin Up For Me Baby
  • Barbel – One Thing
  • The La’s – Don’t Lock Me Out
  • The Dance Party – Where I’ve Been
  • The Balcony – A Cover Version
  • The High Five – Working For The Man
  • It’s Immaterial – New Moon
  • St. Vitus Dance – The Silence
  • A Shallow Madness – Straight Rain
  • Magic Clock – Strawberry
  • The Melotones – I Walked With A Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy
  • Benny Profane – Skateboard To Oblivion
  • The Tamborines – 5 Miles Wide
  • Tracklisting Vol II – Buy Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Vol. 2

  • The Cherry Boys – Kardomah cafe
  • Telefone – Freezer Burn
  • C-Stripey – Smile Now
  • The Last chant – Run Of The Dove
  • The Teardrop Explodes – Camera, Camera
  • Deaf School – Ding, Dong
  • Pink Military – Did You See Her?
  • Palais De Sand – The Harbour Song
  • The Onset – Precious Love
  • The Transparent Band – The Night Song
  • Rain – Up On The Ceiling
  • The Vernons – Angels
  • The White Capsule – Astral Girl
  • The Moondogs – When You Fly
  • The Room – Naive
  • The Sex Gods – Rings Of Saturn

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