Two Lone Swordsmen – Faux

Two Lone Swordsmen, aka ex-Sabres of Paradise man Andy Wetherall and Keith Tenniswood, have been fusing genres that were barely on speaking terms since the early nineties. Their latest, ‘Faux’, is raw bass, robotised monologue, squelching synth and irresistible beats wrapped up together to create an excellent rocking dub rhumba.

‘Faux’ is backed with the equally impressive combination of the glitchy and the throbbing in the instrumental of ‘Sick When We Kiss’ as well as the DFA style dub punk amalgam ‘Roof One’. The latter stands out for bringing chugging guitars and swirling keyboards together; and doing it so seamlessly. ‘Roof One’ is a breathtaking track that stops just short of being menacing, but never stops being funky.

Label : Warp

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website : warprecords | Bleep


  • Faux
  • Sick When We Kiss (Instrumental)
  • Roof One

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