Twin Zero – Monolith (CD Review)

Originally a solo project for Subvert guitarist Reuben Gotto, Twin Zero quickly attracted interest from other musicians and expanded to a seven piece, featuring ex-members of earthtone9 and Vex Red.

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After an introduction in the shape of the first part of the album’s title track (there are another 6 parts across 20 minutes still to come) Monolith kicks off properly with Earthbound, an amazing monster of a track that features the first of many impressive performances from ex-earthtone9 vocalist Karl Middleton.

The album lasts less than 40 minutes but after hearing it, there is no way anyone could claim to have been short changed. Twin Zero lay up some prog-tinged metal here with great riffs and time signature changes aplenty. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before.

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Label: Undergroove
Release date: 31st January 2005


  1. Monolith Part 000
  2. Earthbound
  3. Monolith Part 001
  4. Monolith Part 002
  5. Monolith Part 003
  6. Monolith Part 004
  7. Monolith Part 005
  8. Monolith Part 006
  9. Sixteen

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