Triosk – Moment Returns (CD Reviews)

Work on Moment Returns began very soon after Triosk completed their debut album, 1+3+1. The very next day, in fact. This album sees them going it alone, their previous effort being a collaboration with German producer Jan Jelinek.

Say “freeform jazz” to most people and they’ll instantly switch off (that’s not a cue, by the way, I haven’t finished yet). The problem being that to most people is can sound a bit like the coming of the apocalypse. Triosk, however, take their improvisation in the opposite direction, creating quiet, calm, atmospheric pieces, acoustic instruments padded out by a vast array of samples.

If you like your music structured then most of this will pass you by, though the group do pull things into more recognisable shape occasionally. As is so often the case with improvised music, it will be best received by fellow musicians but if you aren’t musically minded and think you can hack it, Moment Returns is definitely worth your attention.

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Label: The Leaf Label
Websites: |
Release date: 11th October 2004


  1. The Streets Are Empty
  2. Chronosynclastic Infundibula
  3. Love Chariot
  4. Two; Twelve
  5. Tomorrowtoday (part 1)
  6. Tomorrowtoday (part 2)
  7. Re-ignite
  8. Awake In The Deep
  9. I Am A Beautiful And Unique Snowflake
  10. Goodnight

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