Tramp Attack – Attack, Attack, Attack

Must Destroy are starting to display a tendency for signing the wrong bands; Sludgefeast play music so fuzzed up and distorted that it’s almost impossible to hear (mastered intentionally too loud, so that it crackles continuously) and the label were knowing enough to take on The Darkness when the rest of the industry still saw them as a pointless novelty act (and we all know where that ended up). So, to continue this theme Must Destroy bring us Tramp Attack, a band who would never otherwise be allowed to release anything.

The missing link between The Coral, Madness and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Tramp Attack recorded this entire album on a portable 8-track in The Bandits’ rehearsal room (while the owners were off recording in some posh gaff in the country). This lo-fi sound is the inevitable result of five men (six if you count Adam Hell of Ambulance who receives the tenuous title of producer) in a small room not taking things too seriously and just playing for the fun of it.

Once you’ve got your head around all of this you may be… well, you could really experience a whole range of emotions when you discover that Tramp Attack already have a second album ready (despite the first not being out). Apparently they told everyone they were going on holiday to Wales and arrived home again with the follow-up to Attack, Attack, Attack. Frankly, that doesn’t surprise me.

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Label: Must Destroy
Websites: |
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • The Theme From Tramp Attack
  • Eight Years Since School
  • Row Your Boat
  • Bought & Sold
  • Lazy Dog
  • Baby Don’t Knock Me Down
  • Birds Night? (Tonight?)
  • Le Trembling Wind
  • Oh! When The Sun Goes Down
  • 1471
  • Barbarino
  • Leap Of Faith

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