Toupé – Burgers

Bass-led eccentrics Toupé return with their second album, Burgers, a loose concept album based around sex, society, fast food and the music industry.

Featuring nineteen tracks of off-kilter rock & roll with touches of jazz, funk and tango this album is a definite progression from the band’s debut album Alopecia and features digs at everyone from those who work for a living to members of the press who don’t like them “cocking around” via Elvis and record execs.

Buy Toupé’s Burgers at
Buy Toupé’s Burgers at

One of the album’s stand-out tracks is Fuckin’, which appears after a phone call to a label boos who wants them to record a 3 minute pop song about love (this is also one of the points where it is most evident that this is a concept album). The result is a seven minutes sister to Craig David’s Seven Days with none of the subtlety, a lot more sex and a great refrain to finally bring it to a close.

Burgers is a great album full of varied music and with artwork set out to look like a menu (complete with brief descriptions of each song) is makes for a very nice overall package. If the idea of a concept album puts you off, rest assured it’s a pretty erratic one that seems to find it hard to hold one thought for very long. You could write a dissertation on this CD and at the end you’d probably be given a very good Psychology degree.

Originally appeared on Indigo Flow

Label: Hackpen Records
Release date: 5th September 2005


  1. Retirement
  2. Werk Jerk
  3. Burgers
  4. Ninjas
  5. Mad As A Snake
  6. Calling The Boss
  7. Fuckin’
  8. Real Men Say “Thank You”
  9. Peepers
  10. Sally Was A Sailor (Gilly’s Weapon Pt II)
  11. Open Water
  12. Pork Rinds
  13. Naastee Gurlz And Naastee Boiz
  14. Stinky
  15. Oh No (Bathysphere Song Pt II)
  16. Fly Boy
  17. Donkey Punch
  18. Singa Song/Burghers
  19. Chef’s Special Twenty Minute Snack Track

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