Tommy Evans – Another Hit / Revolutions (CD Review)

Hailing from Leeds but currently based in London, Tommy Evans blends often forceful lyrics with a frequently peaceful delivery. All spread lavishly over some soulfully laid-back beats to create a mellow, message based hip-hop. This double A-side features the light and bouncing ‘Another Hit’ that acts as a signature track with enough pop drive to please a crowd and an edge to keep the hardcore happy too.

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Flipping to the other A-side and we are in harder territory, but still with a core of smooth funk. ‘Revolutions’ has Tommy crying for anarchy in England. It is a call for change and equality rendered in metal guitar samples and rock solid beats.

The album, ‘New Years Revolutions’ is due out in November and UK dates are to be announced. Remember to check Tommy’s site for the Nightmares On Wax remix of ‘Revolutions’.

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Label : YNR Productions

Release Date : 11 October 2004

Website :

Website :


  • Another Hit
  • Revolutions

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