Tom Vek – C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) (CD Review)

‘C-C’, Taken from Toms debut album ‘We Have Sound’, has a mutated hip hop drumbeat, an undeniably indiepop vocal and a host of curious synthesised sounds all twisted in and exploded out. The effect of listening is an experience that is hard to describe. There are passages that are pure eighties pop, some that are sixties rock and some that are very now. Thankfully, the unification of these elements has worked and ‘C-C’ is a track that bears up to repeated listening. While it lacks immediacy it does work its merry way into your subconscious and lingers there quite pleasantly.

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The B’s that are available include ‘Things Are Here To Stay’, which is all of the above but with a more electro twist and a catchier chorus. A track that deserves special attention though, is ‘Blessing In Disguise’. It cooks up a blend of Asian strings and warped dub in an extended track that is eminently danceable and infectious.

Label : Go Beat

Release Date : 20 June 2005

Website :


  • C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
  • Things Are Here To Stay
  • Blessing In Disguise

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