Tim Wright – Oxygen (Remixes)

The original version of Oxygen appears on Tim Wright’s Thirst album, which was released in April this year. This single, however, features three new remixes of the track for you to get your teeth into.

Opening with a mix by esteemed New York producer Abe Duque, which turns the track into restrained but groovy house track. Wright’s own remix heads down the same avenue as Duque but adds in a few more layers and a gradual build that draws you further in the longer you listen. Finally comes Vector Lovers’ take on the track, with a very different viewpoint to those which preceed it, speeding it up and making it all electro with robotic sounds everywhere.

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This closing remix is the one that makes the whole thing worthwhile (thought the other two are good), taking Tim Wright’s orginal to a whole other place completely.

Label: Novamute
Website: www.timwrightmusic.com
Release date: 1st November 2004


  1. Oxygen (Abe Duque Remix)
  2. Oxygen (Tim Wright Remix)
  3. Oxygen (Vector Lovers’ Antimatter Remix)

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