Tiefschwarz – Wait & See (CD Review)

The German Schwarz brothers, as Tiefschwarz, have created a masterful piece of updated house music with New Wave vocals courtesy of Rupert Browne (out of Chikinki who is sounding a lot better than he does in Chikinki). There are solid beats and driving bass combined with dirty techno sounds and eighties synth and high notes of bleeps and bloops which make for a euphoric sound with a definite pop edge.

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Tiefschwarz have an infectious energy and a driving power behind their songs. If ‘Wait & See’ is anything to go by they are going to be massive in the clubs and beyond; they have the accessibility of pop and the attitude of underground dance, a rare combination. Remixes from Alter Ego, Gucci Soundsystem (both excellent reinterpretations) as well as a special club mix from Tiefschwarz is also available.

The new Tiefschwarz album ‘Eat Books’ is released 11th July 2005 and I can’t wait.

Label : Fine

Release Date : 04 July 2005

Website : www.tiefschwarz.net


  • Wait & See (Radio Edit)
  • Wait & See (Extended Version)
  • Wait & See (Alter Ego Remix)
  • Wait & See (Gucci Soundsystem Remix)
  • Wait & See (Dub)

Tiefschwarz are Ali and Basti Schwarz.

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