threemovements – Electricity Wiped Out Heaven (CD Review)

This album is one of an increasingly rare breed, one that excited and empassions me from the very first listen. Previously known as Machine Made Man, the abdn evolved into threemovements in 2003 and set about turning their sound into something even more ambitious.

One of the most fantastically original collections of songs I have heard in a long time, Electricity Wiped Out Heaven takes in too many influences to name. There’s almost certainly some Tool in there, various strains of dance music, possibly some Beta Band, elements of post-hardcore and Dream Theatre (but not enough to make that a bad thing) and even a touch of classical. Despite these varied inputs, the sound is neither cluttered nor confused. It’s just perfect.

Electricity Wiped Out Heaven is an intense and epic record that will crush you with its beauty. This is the album you have been waiting for.

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Label: Calculated Risk Products
Release date: 11th October 2004


  1. Awaken
  2. Metropolis
  3. 6922/23
  4. Ascension
  5. Alaskan Morning Comes Only Twice A Year
  6. Fourmovements

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