Thousand Points Of Hate – Scar To Mark The Day

Having been together since late 2002 and built up a bit of a reputation for themselves, Thousand Points Of Hate set about recording this EP last November and were quickly picked up by Casket Music when they did.

The sound across these seven tracks is very metal but with a modern edge that could be said to have been borrowed from nu-metal, though this certainly ain’t Limp Bizkit and the riffs remain very much in the more traditional metal stable. At times it’s brutally heavy while at others melody creeps through the distortion, Simon Gordon’s (ex-Xentrix) vocals complimenting the sound perfectly. I’m not certain that I could manage a full album of this but it works well in this small portion. The remix of Scar To Mark The Day is rubbish too.

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Label: Casket Music
Websites: |
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • Scar To Mark The Day
  • Cut To Reality
  • Within
  • For The Suffering
  • Body & Blood
  • (Welcome To) My World
  • Scar To Mark The Day (Mynetaur Remix)

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