This Girl – Master Blaster (CD Review)

If you were wondering just how much This Girl have come on since their first album, this single wraps it all up in a pretty package so you can see exactly what improvements have been made.

Gone is the tinny, dischordant emo band (who we loved, all the same) and in comes a blast of deep, full rock. A wonderful cover of Massive Attack’s Angel makes the single, an acoustic version of the title track (retitled Plaster Caster) displayed yet another string to their bow and an XFM Session version of Don’t Be A Kite rounds it all off perfectly.


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This release harks back to a time when singles weren’t just a cynical marketing tool to shift albums but were actually something worth having.

Label: Drowned In Sound Recordings
Release date: 18th October 2004


  1. Master Blaster
  2. Angel
  3. Plaster Caster
  4. Don’t Be A Kite (XFM Session)

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