The_Koreans – The_Koreans (CD Review)

Mixing guitars and programming is nothing new, what makes The Koreans stand out and what has gained them a legion of fans both inside and out of the music industry is the way they do it.

Indie and dance beats merge perfectly, capturing you from the first track, Keep Me In Your Mind, creeping down into all your extremities for the album’s 35 minute duration.

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The only downside to the album is that some of the vocal rhythms and recordings techniques are recycled across tracks but overall this is an excellent debut that all but hard-faced dullards will be unable to resist.

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Label: Storm
Release date: 4th October 2004


  1. Kepp Me In Your Mind
  2. Still Strung Out
  3. Broken Spell
  4. Land Of The Free
  5. Talking To Myself
  6. How Does It Feel
  7. Machine Code
  8. Slow Motion
  9. Drawn Away
  10. It Keeps Coming

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