Thee Unstrung – Who Runs The Show & Gems From The Cutting Room Floor (CD Review)

Thee Unstrung have a EP of bizarrely varied songs to delight you with. Mixing the floating English pastoral sound of the Kinks, a riotous punk attitude and energy, a smattering of single entendre drug references and complete disregard for doing anything normally. Frankly there are moments of brilliance and moments of confusion when listening to ‘Who Runs The Show…’.

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Despite, or possibly because of, that this is an amazing listen that makes me yearn for the full length album, ‘Lie, Cheat & Steal’, due out next year.

Label : Oswaldo Muggins Recordings

Release Date : 28 November 2005

Website :


  • Who Runs The Show [2:16]
  • My Friends [3:40]
  • Fuck Your Money [3:58]
  • Falling Out Of My Tree [1:58]
  • Do Dun De Dum Do [2:48]
  • Lie Cheat & Steal [2:07]
  • A Masters In Drug Taking [4:28]

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