The Zephyrs – The Love That Will Guide You Back Home

As their name suggests The Zephyrs music reaches your ears as if on a breeze, ephemeral and melancholy masterpieces of the shoegazing art. They are in the business of building soundscapes of gentle sorrow.

Recorded, in the main, on home studios in the flats and houses of band members and their mates – the brothers David and Stuart Nichol have captured and distilled the essence of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, with the uplifting folky vocals of the best of any of the New Acoustic Movement. This EP is a treasure, a delight to listen to as it envelops you with its many layered guitars, keyboards and vocals.

I can’t wait for their album, it is sure to be sublime Label : Acuarela

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  • The Love That Will Guide You Back Home
  • Carpentry
  • Obeyessekere
  • I Came For That
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