The Zephyrs – Bright Yellow Flowers On A Dark Double Bed (CD Review)

The Zephyrs have retained their style – a blurred line between shoegazing, and Nick Drake – to create another fine album of gorgeously mellowed and ethereal sounds. There is more of an accessible feel to this album that comes from a move slightly out of the area of folkie soundscapes and expansive dramatics. The other-worldliness and theatricality that remains enhances the gentleness of the tracks and lends a rich vibrancy to the sound.

Buy Bright Yellow Flowers On A Dark Double Bed from

Buy Bright Yellow Flowers On A Dark Double Bed from

‘Bright Yellow Flowers On A Dark Double Bed’ is an album of the night, something to warm you and render serene wherever you happen to be. It is very easy, and recommended, to wallow in the waves of guitars, strings and undulating rhythms. You can catch the Zephyrs playing in Scotland in August and September and in Spain at the XI Festival Internacional de Benicássim (4-7th August).

The Scottish dates are,

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  • August 13th, Perth (Twa Tams) with The Sundowns
  • August 15th, Edinburgh (Cabaret Voltaire) with Cold Night Song, Jenny Reeve & Eric Lindsay. This is a special ‘Diving Bell Lounge’ event
  • September 8th, Dundee
  • September 9th, Glasgow (tbc)
  • September 11th, Edinburgh (Backpackers)
  • September 11th, Aberdeen (The Tunnels)

Label : Acuarela

Release Date : 21 July 2005

Website :

Free MP3 : Lacuna Head (live)


  • Dancing Shoes
  • Hell’s Dark Hall
  • Galicia
  • A Friend
  • What Voltage Is The Moon
  • Nyung
  • Ganeesha
  • Perfume
  • Never Be The Same
  • So Called Beau
  • [Unnamed Bonus Track]

The Zephyrs are Stuart Nicole, Dave Nicole, Marcus MacKay, Eric Lindsay and Charles Clark

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