The Young Knives – The Decision (CD Review)

It has been a long while since I have heard from The Young Knives, it was 2002 when their very promising mini-album ‘The Young Knives…are Dead’ came out and they went on to do some touring and then…

…err, And then 2005 came along and they have a new single. It is a welcome return as a fantastically out there mixture of punchy, if random, vocals and a musical style that is less punk than ‘…are Dead’ but none the worse for it.

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‘The Decision’ is catchy, jumpy, mad and great on so many levels. Even better, The Young Knives are working on a new album. I drool in anticipation…

Video Links :

Watch ‘The Decision’ in broadband quality Windows Media
Watch ‘The Decision’ in dial up quality Windows Media

Watch ‘The Decision’ in broadband quality real Media
Watch ‘The Decision’ in dial up quality real Media

Label : Transgressive Records

Release Date : 28 November 2005


The Young Knives are drummer Oliver Askew, singer/ guitarist Henry Dartnall and his brother The House Of Lords on bass.

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