The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP (aka The Master EP)

We start with my favourite Bang. It has a gorgeous raw and breathy start as Karen O whispers ‘the bigger the better’ like she’s on heat. The sound is like the early Rolling Stones. She can’t get no satisfaction, as the chorus, ‘As a fuck, son, you suck’, testifies. There is no surprise in this being a powerful live favourite. It has been picked up by Soccer AM as well, for what I don’t know – I am never up in time on a Saturday…

Next up; Mystery Girl has a pounding build up to a strangely 50’s feeling rock’n’roll track with a bluesy chorus. A lovely little number! Art Star, another track that drives them wild live, is like an early 60’s pop rock number alternating with a thrashing screaming barrage of noise. Reminds me a bit of Glitter Mini 9 in parts. Its playful and full of rage in equal measure.

Miles Away has simple beginnings, like an adrenalin fuelled heartbeat. But it evolves into a full on rock out. The repeated screamed chorus of ‘Your more beautiful than ever’ sounding powerful and heartfelt. Last track on this excellent EP is Our Time. This one reminds me of, in a strange way, Come on Baby stop your crying by Spiritualised but harder and less produced. There is a touch of the Velvet Underground as well, which is never a bad thing. The raw emotion and power peak at the chorus beautifully – pleading but unapologetic. The vocals croon, scream and tease over the intense drums and guitars of Nick and Brian.

Our time, Our time, Our time to be hated

How wrong they are.

As with the White Stripes you don’t miss the absence of bass as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs create a depth of sound with what seems like effortless panache.

This current eponymous five track EP is their only planned uk release with the exception of a track will also appear on the Kill Rock Stars compilation which should be out in May

Label : Wichita Recordings

Release Date : April 22 2002

Track listing

  • Bang
  • Mystery Girl
  • Art Star
  • Miles Away
  • Our Time
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