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The Yards are a five piece based in York and featuring Chris Helme the ex-frontman of The Seahorses. Since then Chris has been writing and parenting, until more recently he started The Yards with bassist Stu Fletcher. This eponymous debut has a sound that harks back to simpler times in rock. There are melodic ballads that waltz delicately while Chris leads the songs along an invariably melancholy path. The wistful romantic regrets that are created have a passion that comes through but can get a bit much after a few listens.

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Where The Yards really stand out is when they open up with the full power that blues-rock can have. When this happens the floodgates are opened and a torrent of jagged thrashing and beating of skins, a perfect example being the excellent ‘The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC’.

Label : Industrial Erotica/Snapper

Release Date : 18 April 2005

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  • Forget Your Regrets
  • Get Off My Back
  • The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC
  • Only Myself To Blame
  • Crime
  • On The Inside
  • Superhuman
  • Pure
  • California
  • Fireflies
  • Up ‘Til Dawn

The Yards are Chris Helme (vocals, guitar), Stu Fletcher (bass), Chris Farrell (guitar), John Miller (drums) and Jon Hargreaves (keyboards).

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