The WOW Kafé – Betty Short’s Smile

The WOW Kafé are an instrumental 4 piece that have set about creating whirling and tumultuous rock soundscapes in Scotland. The title track is a musical retelling of the life of small time porn star and call girl Betty Short who was found dead in 1947 after an attack with a razor left her with a gruesome smile.

There is certainly atmosphere and a haunting feel about the track, especially when you find out what it is all about. The lack of any vocals at all, on any of the songs, does tend to give the impression that you are listening to one long intro. However, once you get past that The WOW Kafé are very enjoyable and engaging.

Label : Play Records

Release Date : 1 December 2003

Website :


  • Betty Short’s Smile
  • Victim Training
  • Ginsberg
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