The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button

Jack and Meg bring us more authentic modern blues-rock from ‘Elephant’, an album that is a major contender for any album of the year poll… ‘The Hardest Button…’ is true to form for the Stripes – with the exception of the added bass that adds an even rawer, rumbling edge – with the energy upfront and the effect of the ‘period’ recording techniques giving a patina of the seventies without sounding at all dated. Also, featured on the single is version of the Soledad Brothers ‘St. Ides Of March’ recorded as a soundcheck for a show in Berlin in April. The track is slow and bluesy, graduating to a passionate fury – and again is staggering to listen to.

Label : XL Recordings

Release Date : 17 November 2003

Website :



  • The Hardest Button To Button
  • St. Ides Of March
  • The Hardest Button To Button (Video)


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