The White Stripes – 7 Nation Army

‘7 Nation Army’ – as it is listed on the single. So the hoards of pop pedants cannot berate me for laziness – is the first single to come from the recent number one album ‘Elephant’. A blinding track it is too with its vibrant and raw guitars, Meg’s solid drumming and Jack’s pained vocals. It’s an excellent sampler for the album for those if you still unswayed by the reams of paper devoted to covering ‘Elephant’.

For the B-sides we are treated first to the jagged rock and roll of ‘Good To Me’ about having a good car, a good stereo and a good woman. The third instalment is ‘Black Jack Davey’, a traditional number given the Stripes treatment, telling a tale of young brides, deceit and Spanish leather gloves.

Label : XL Recordings

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  • 7 Nation Army
  • Good To Me
  • Black Jack Davey

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