The Veils – Lavinia

It’s vaguely sickening to listen to such powerful, emotional and inspiring music fed by a strong and confident vocals and find out the man in question is so young. But the founder and front man of The Veils, Finn Vale, is indeed not far off being a teenager. He is also the owner of one a striking and versatile voices and creator of true poetry to music. London born and New Zealand bred he honed his skills in a folk club located halfway up a volcano. From the age of 16 he was writing songs and holding his own in a 12-piece band there.

For this release we see simple acoustic heartbreakers like the pained torch song ‘Lavinia’ sit aside the engaging bottle-fed melancholy ‘Citadel’ to create a genuine and heartfelt ambiance. If The Veils don’t touch you then you have truly lost your soul.

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 17 November 2003

Website :


  • Lavinia
  • A Break In The Waves
  • Citadel

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