The Vacation – Band From World War Zero (CD Review)

With a title plucked seemingly from eighties paranoia and tunes that are tightly packed with good old fashioned blues rock, of the rebellious and disaffected youth variety, The Vacation make an immediate impact. Despite being based in Hollywood, these guys have the original garage sounds more associated with Detroit and the punk sensibilities more commonly seen in New York.


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The vocals snarl, the guitars jar, the bass rumbles heavily and the drums drive the beat home. The Vacation are passionate, loud and brash in all the right proportions.

The Vacation are touring in the UK : Get tickets for this tour here

  • September 29 – Hallam University, Sheffield
  • September 30 – King Tuts, Glasgow
  • October 1 – Northumbria University, Newcastle
  • October 3 – Roadhouse, Manchester
  • October 4 – Liverpool University
  • October 6 – London Barfly
  • October 7 – London Water Rats
  • October 8 – Bristol Louisiana

Label : Echo

Release Date : 27 September 2004

Website :


  • White Noise
  • Make Up Your Mind
  • Spiders
  • Destitute Prostitutes
  • Cherry Cola
  • W.I.I.F.M.?
  • I’m No Good
  • Hollywood Forever
  • No Hard Feelings
  • Liquid Lunch
  • Trash

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