The Unisex – Watching Traffic EP

After a trail of quality singles – combined with support slots for The Libertines, Snow Patrol and Andy Bell – The Unisex are back again to share their easy sounding rock and roll and darkly tinged vocals. For the uninitiated, The Unisex are a six-piece band from Sweden whose graceful bluesy sound is reminiscent of early Stones and have no qualms about being perfect guitar pop.

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The lead track, ‘Go Again’, has the great guitar solo, infectious chorus and delicious reprise of bona fide pop smash. When you add to this the old blues styling and JJ72-like swooping vocals on ‘Castle Of Air’ and the Kinks/Doors inspired demo of ‘Break The Silence’ you have an irresistible package. The taster of the live experience given in ‘La Familia’ is just icing on the cake.

Label : Shifty Disco

Release Date : 19 July 2004

Website :


  • Go Again
  • Castle Of Air
  • Break The Silence (Demo)
  • La Familia (Live)
  • Go Again (Video)

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