The Temple – Diesel Dog Sound

Portuguese metallers The Temple have been around since 1993, building their name in the old fashioned manner of constant touring and the more modern approach of spreading like a virus through the internet (their official website features 38 downloadable tracks). This determination led to a worldwide record deal with Copro Records (except in Portugal where they are released by Raging Planet) and a trip to London to record Diesel Dog Sound.

The fourteen tracks on Diesel Dog Sound are pretty high in intensity and there is plenty of riffing to be found. Other than that, there’s not a lot to say.
It’s a good metal album and fans of Moonspell might be interested to know that Fernando Ribeiro provides vocals on one track.

The multimedia section of the CD is excellent and will ensure that all fans
are pleased to have got their money’s worth, featuring as it does, lyrics, photos, behind the scenes footage and two versions of the Millionaire video (with and without lesbians).

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Label: Copro Records
Websites: |

Release date: 19 April 2004



  • Millionaire
  • Baby Hate (feat. Zé Pedro)
  • 22 Belzebu
  • DDS
  • Fightbull
  • Bankrupt
  • 1 Min. And Life
  • Paper Chains
  • Drum
  • Devil’s Lover (feat. Fernando Ribeiro)
  • The Snake
  • Falling (feat. Ricardo Pereira)
  • Ticket Please
  • Soul Tattoo
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