The Spins – New Single and Free Mp3


November 14, 2004, Nijmegen, the Netherlands;
We are happy to announce the upcoming release of The Spins’ first EP called “Hello Baby” on December 1st 2004.

The electronic pop-band The Spins (Torino, Italy) is formed in March 2004 by most well-known female drummer Alessia Mattalia, the only woman who has ever been featured in the Modern Drummer Magazine!

Besides Alessia Mattalia, there are 4 other band members; Elisabetta Beiletti (lead vocals), Marcello Giordano (keyboards) and two of the most busiest Italian session musicians Andrea Fantuzzi (guitar) and Michele Manzo (bass).

The Spins are inspired by bands like Toto, The Beatles, The Who and Kraftwerk. Although these bands are big and famous, making a hit is not The Spins first intention, it’s the desire of making “real” music. Creativity and musical experience are the keywords.

According to the words Creativity and Musical Experience, Alessia Mattalia says: ”in comparison to my students, I still practice every day. That’s why in Italy they call me “the queen of the double bass drum”. Though I don’t want to call myself the female version of “Metallic” drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre), some people compares me to him, which is of course an honor!”.

Italian newspaper La Republica about The Spins: “The keyboardist writes fine music, played by a stunning drummer and an enviable singer” (May 14th 2004 about the rough mix of the “Hello Baby” EP).

The EP “Hello Baby” will be available to buy on December 1st 2004 at Dying Giraffe Recordings. You can now already listen to the music for free! Please
visit Dying Giraffe Recordings’ website to enjoy the music!

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