The Spins – Hello Baby (CD Review)

This group is the brainchild of famed Italian drummer Alessia Mattalia who, in The Spins, has created an electro-pop ensemble that are bright with trance and powered by pop. The vocals (provided by Elizabetta Beiletti) are defiant within their Latin rhythms and, in the experimental version of ‘Hello Baby’, are propelled upwards by high energy beats.

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The chillout version of ‘Hello Baby’ has Elizabetta’s vocals swimming in an ambient whirlpool of beats, clicks and aquatic sounding keyboards – changing the mood of the song and making a track that would sit well in any Ibiza collection.

Label : Dying Giraffe

Release Date : 01 December 2004

Website :


  • Hello Baby (Experimental Version)
  • I Wish You
  • Nazi Raus
  • You’ll Never Come Back
  • Hello Baby (Chill-Out Version)

The Spins are Elizabetta Beiletti (Lead Vocals) Marcello Giordano (Keyboards), Andrea Fantuzzi (Guitar), Michele Manzo (Bass) and Alessia Mattalia (Drums)

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