The Spill Canvas – Sunsets & Car Crashes

Essentially the solo project of Sioux Falls, SD resident Nick Thomas, he adopted the name The Spill Canvas to avod his live band feeling uncomfortable playing under his own name. The music is largely acoustic, occasionally venturing into an old-style punk emo sound.

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Thomas’ vocal style is similar to that of Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, underpinned with the better musical elements of Gameface. At just 19 he has already found a style and approach that marks him out as an important new talent and an awesome prospect for the future.

Musically striking and with lyrics you’ll kick yourself for not having written, this is undoubtedly the best thing Mighty Atom have ever released.

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Label: Mighty Atom
Release date: 1st November 2004


  1. Aim Snap Fall
  2. Caterpillars
  3. The Tide
  4. Your Evil Soul
  5. Bracelets
  6. The Night Will Go As Falls
  7. All Hail The Heartbreaker
  8. So Much
  9. 3685
  10. Black Dresses
  11. Under The Covers
  12. Sunsets & Car Crashes
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