The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow

US indie heroes The Shins are back with a new album showing that they are well worth all the praise and the hype they have had on the back of their previous (debut) album ‘Oh, Inverted World’. What the Shins have done is taken the best of sixties folk rock, the incandescent sun of the US West Coast sound, a sprinkle of rock and baked for just the right amount of time in an alternative rock oven. The result is 30 minutes of unadulterated pleasure. Acoustic guitars predominate, fitting the wry drawl of James Mercer’s vocals perfectly. There are breezy sun blessed tracks like ‘Saint Simon’ and Pink Bullets’, energetic indie rock in the shape of ‘Fighting In A Sack’, Kissing The Lipless’ and ‘So Says I’, as well as pop rock gems like ‘Mine’s Not A High Horse’ and ‘Turn A Square’. This is an album that will make you smile and sing along while you dance.

‘Chutes Too Narrow’ is an infectious joy that will stay for years to come – you should believe the hype on this one.

The Shins are on tour in Europe from April.

  • April 1 Water Rats (London, UK)
  • April 2 All Tomorrow’s Parties
  • April 3 Paradiso (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • April 4 Vera (Groningen, Holland)
  • April 5 AB Club (Brussels)
  • April 6 Glels 22 (Munster, Germany)
  • April 7 Gebaude 9 (Köln, German)
  • April 8 Tanzhalle (Hamburg, Germany)
  • April 9 Mudd Club (Berlin, Germany)
  • April 10 Atomic Cafe (Munich, Germany)
  • April 11 Nachtleben (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • April 15 La Ginguette Pirate (Paris, France)
  • April 16 Motel Musique (Holland)
  • April 18 Cockpit (Leeds, UK)
  • April 19 UNI (Manchester, UK)
  • April 20 King Tuts (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • April 21 Rescue Rooms (Nottingham, UK)
  • April 22 Princess Charlotte (Lelcester, UK)
  • April 23 Concorde 2 (Brighton, UK)
  • April 24 Sh Bush Empire (London, UK)
  • May 22 Roseland Theater (Portland, OR)
  • May 27 Bricks (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • May 29 The Gorge (George, WA)
  • June 18 House of Blues (Chicago, IL)
  • June 19 House of Blues (Chicago, IL)

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Label : Sub Pop

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website : | Official ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ Site


  • Kissing The Lipless
  • Mines Not A High Horse
  • So Says I
  • Young Pilgrims
  • Saint Simon
  • Fighting In A Sack
  • Pink Bullets
  • Turn A Square
  • Gone For Good
  • Those To Come

The Shins are James Mercer, Marty Crandall, Jesse Sandoval and Dave Hernandez

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