The Research – Breaking Up (CD Review)

The simplicity of the Research’s music will either suck you in (and never leave your head) or it will infuriate you beyond belief (and never leave your head). The all pervasive Casio style keyboards and almost nursery rhyme style lyrics (albeit with more swearing than your average nursery rhyme) are propelled into a metronomic beat. Sometimes this is all buried in a pure pop whirl that has all the right elements, but not necessarily in the best proportions.

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The (I imagine) autobiographical threads that run richly through the songs fail to inspire any emotional reaction and become a bland noise that barely raises itself above the rest of the tune. This style of music exists already, and with greater depth and humour, in the music of New York’s Parker and Lily (, I recommend you check them out.

Label : At Large

Release Date : 27 February 2006

Website :


  • The Way You Used To Smile [2:50]
  • I Love You, But… [3:18]
  • True Love Weighs A Tonne [3:03]
  • C’mon Chameleon [2:32]
  • We’ve Got Something [2:36]
  • Ba Ba Ba [2:37]
  • Love Me Tender [2:52]
  • Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same [2:37]
  • She’s Not Leaving [1:51]
  • Too Young [0:54]
  • I Bet If We Kissed [2:58]
  • I Say “Yeh Yeh” [2:33]
  • When You Get Home [3:04]
  • Splitting Hairs [2:04]

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