The Polyphonic Spree – Together We’re Heavy

Hallelujah! The Polyphonic Spree have returned with an album that takes up where ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’ ended last summer. The Spree, now clad in a rainbow of robes, have not lost any of the energy, power, evangelism or glee that has converted so many fans to the cause. The sections of ‘Together We’re Heavy’ carry on from ‘The Beginning Stages Of…’ numerically and musically as the echoes of ‘A Long Day’ can be heard straight away. If there was any doubt that they could pull it off again for the second album then it was completely unfounded. This album is more magical and infectious than you could ever have wished for.

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This could be the year for the Polyphonic Spree to get the recognition they deserve – They are headlining on Lollapalooza, have a special London date lined up (details to follow) and had to disappoint a couple of thousand fans when they filled the 10,000 capacity Stubbs Outdoor Barbeque at this years South By South West.

The uplifting and joyous ‘Hold Me Now’ will be the first single released from this album on 26 July.

Label : Good Records

Release Date : 12 July 2004

Website :

Website :


  • SECTION 11 – A Long Day Continues / We Sound Amazed
  • SECTION 12 – Hold Me Now
  • SECTION 13 – Diamonds / Mild Devotion to Majesty
  • SECTION 14 – Two Thousand Places
  • SECTION 15 – Ensure Your Reservation
  • SECTION 16 – One Man Show
  • SECTION 17 – Suitcase Calling
  • SECTION 18 – Everything Starts at the Seam
  • SECTION 19 – When the Fool Becomes a King
  • SECTION 20 – Together We’re Heavy

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