The Polyphonic Spree – Soldier Girl (Death In Vegas & RJD2 remixes)

The original ‘Soldier Girl’ was just one of the highlights from the Spree’s debut ‘The Beginning Stages of…’ and has a slightly spooky vibe about it given the war and all. My crowbarring in of current affairs aside, these remixes both bring a new perspective on the original.


Soldier Girl

Starting, as the single does, with Death In Vegas – The Vegas boys have kept surprisingly close to the original, bringing up the bass and loving the guitars perpetually bursting though. They play with the original partial lyric intro, stretching it into the body of the song to catch you out when you are singing along.

RJD2 deconstructs the original more and brings the spirit of ‘Axel-F’ into the proceedings. This mix is off kilter and far more of a conventional dance interpretation than any remix of the Polyphonic Spree I have heard to date (Including the excellent Stereolab and Bees remixes from previous singles)

If you love the Polyphonic Spree then there is no good reason for you not to love these tracks. If you’ve yet to love the Polyphonic Spree then frankly there is something very wrong with you.

Label : 679

Release Date : 14 April 2003


  • Soldier Girl (Death In Vegas Mix)
  • Soldier Girl (Death In Vegas Instrumental)
  • Soldier Girl (RJD2 Mix)
  • Soldier Girl (RJD2 Instrumental)

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